We're gonna go to Busan, like it's your Birthday!

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Kyla D.

For my friends birthday, we decided to go to Busan. I really recommend going! Busan is the second biggest city in South Korea after sort of 3.3 million citizens. It is home to the huge industrial area and because it's next to the water, many come to visit for water activities and seafood. 

Out of all my trips in South Korea Busan is probably one of my favourites, because it my first trip to a huge big metropolitan city other than Seoul since being in South Korea. Here are some tips and tricks on how to best plan a trip to Busan. Begining with the KTX express ticket from Seoul Station to Busan Station, it was only about $40 there and back. We head to the station using a Bus! 

Following that, we prepared a lovely living accommodation next to the water, which which thanks to to one of my friends who took the responsibility for planning, prepared this hostel like stay. Where we stayed, all of the rooms were located in the same hallway separate with curtains. Most of the facilities were also shared by everyone apartment from the bedrooms, which means a shared bathroom room and shower room with seperate stalls of course. Furthermore, they take a lot of consideration to make sure the facility is quiet especially at night, not to disturb anyone who's sleeping. 

On both Friday and Saturday we had an extremely packed itinerary. Knowing that we wanted to do a lot of activties we made sure to purchase something called the Busan Pass. It's a tourist pass that allows you to particpate in attractions across Busan at a discounted price and otherwise free. For example, you can go to a few museums, aquariums and Lotteworld all for free which It's worth it because without the pass these thing add up. 

With this man, we ended up going to Jimin's Dad's Cafe, Haeundae Sky Capsul, Haedong Yongungsa Temple, Skyline Luge (With Busan Pass), Gamcheon Culture Village (Busan Pass), FLip Book at Umjigineun Photo Store (Busan Pass), and Visit Lotte World (Busan Pass). 

Despite the packed schedule, and a few kinks along the way (I ended up loosing my bag right when we were going to head back to Seoul-I found it again luckily), I still had a lot of fun. I hope with this debrief, you can prepare as well to head to Busan!