Welcome Braai - Spring 2018

Authored by:
Keamogetse K.

Saturday 3rd February 2018, preparations for the braai started at 12 noon when Lebo and I arrived to Mma Tibone at Diamond’s host home in phase 2. We arrived to her and her sister preparing food, chicken wings, beef stew and madombi (dumplings) to be exact, for the braai and the volunteers trickled in and it was time for preparations.

As soon as Bethel arrived with the tables, chairs and the braai stand, we had to make sure that the table were well prepared and just awaiting for the food to be placed and the braai stand was ready for the meat. The preparations sped up and the place started to look like a barbeque scene.

The 2 hours flew by so fast and families slowly but surely started arriving while the different music requested were being were flying in to the djs of the day dj Lulu/Keya/Deji/Tima. We had music from all corners of the world, as we wanted everyone to have a good time and hopefully build good friendships and memories that will last a long time.

The Company
About thirty people were in the Tibone residence and everyone filled with happiness, smiling from ear to ear the whole place was overflowing with joy. It was nice to see different homestay families and also welcoming the new families aswell. Looking around seemed like everyone was a having a good time.

Everyone had to bring a dish or dessert for the braai, and everyone got the memo. We also wanted to taste different recipes and we all know food makes everyone happy. Different cultural dishes were on the table looked delicious and we couldn’t wait to dig in.

The Dance Party
As the day went by, now we are full and ready to dance the day away. Dance battles took place between the kids and the students.

Clean Up
As we were getting ready to leave, we had to leave the place the way we found it. So it was time to clean up! Overall the braai was fun, and the best part was the food!!! Thank you Mma Tibone and Diamond for hosting us.

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