Wandering through Seoul Forest

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Bryanna V.

Bryanna V.

Seoul Forest is considered one of the landmark places in Seoul to visit for foreigners and locals. The park is 12 km2 and is made up of four sections: Riverside Park, Educational Experience Park, Culture and Art Park, and Eco-forest park.

Despite the park being relatively new, it opened in 2005, it is one of the most viisted places in Seoul being open 24 hours a day. 

Seoul Forest has a lot of different things to offer including a community center, an insect garden, a butterfly garden, a spalsh fountain, and a eco-forest (which has a footbridge and the deer corral).

Some of the popular things to do in Seoul Forest are feeding the deer, renting a bicycle and riding through the park, eating a picnic, visitig the playgrounds, strolling along the lake, volunteering, or getting bingsu close by on a hot day.

When I visited, it was just to kill time since I had nothing planned. I picked up a map and walked around for three hours and took pictures. And I only explored maybe only one-third of the park! While it was extremely hot that day, there are lots of trees offering shade and picnic areas to relax in. The park was filled with people of all ages, alone and in groups, ejoying what Seoul Forest has to offer.

It is definitely a fun place to visit and I would definitley recommend spending a day here while in Seoul!

Seoul Forest website and Information page: https://seoulforest.or.kr/english 

Seoul Forest map: .kr/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/20190619_081711.pdf


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