Walking to the CIEE Campus

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Central European Studies

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Gabrielle P.

Monday through Thursday of each week, I walk up 120 stairs to reach my CIEE Campus at the top. While it can be tiring, the walk and the view at the top of the stairway is well worth the treck. 

Vyšehrad is a historic fort that rests on a hill above the Vltava river. Centuries ago, Vyšehrad was once a settlement. Now, it is a popular tourist attraction as well and a valued spot for locals due to it's stunning view of the city as well as its lushious park and historic church on the hilltop. 

The first time I ever walked up the stairs of Vyšehrad, I had no idea any of these attractions existed at the top, all I knew was that this was where I was supposed to go to school. My first time reaching the top of the hill, I was out of breath, but more importantly I was in awe of all the natural beauty surrounding me and grateful to have the opportunity to experience it.