Visiting 1Million Dance Studio

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Grace S.

Grace S.

If you're a K-Pop fan and/or dancer like me, you've probably heard of Seoul's infamous 1Million Dance Studio. It's famous for K-Pop choreographers, backupdancers, and even idols themselves taking or teaching classes. Well, I decided to take a class at 1Million, and I think it's a great experience for any K-Pop fan!

Don't be scared if you've never danced before! 1Million has beginner and learner level classes, and the final level is their masterclass, all for a low price of 25,000 KRW (around 25 USD). I personally took a learner level class even though I'm a dance major because I wasn't sure where I'd fall in terms of skill compared to others, but I found learner to be comfortable for me and I'll take the masterclass level next time. So, there are options for all levers of dancers! It's helpful to research the instructor for the class you want to go to, because depending on the style they teach and the level of class, their choreography skill level may vary (one instructor's learner class may be on par with another instructor's masterclass, for example). You can always check the class schedule on 1Million's website, and then look on the instructor's Instagram to see what type of class they teach!

Overall, I recommend heading over to 1Million! It's a blast to sweat it out with some of K-Pop's greats, and it's truly a workout! Bring lots of water and have fun!

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