A Visit to the Set of Hometown Cha Cha

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Aanandi M.

A large reason why I became interested in visiting Korea and in Korean culture was because of Korean Dramas it was through Korean dramas I was able to learn how to speak and communicate in Korean as well as certain cultural norms regarding Korea. 


Towards the end of May, I had the amazing opportunity to visit the set of the drama Hometown Cha Cha in the city of Pohang. Pohang is a city by the beach that is about 3 hours away from Seoul by bus. For those of you who might not know, Hometown Cha Cha was a hit drama that released in the fall starring the famous Korean actors Kim Seonho and Shin Mina. The story revolves around the romance of a dentist from Seoul who finds her way to the fictional town of Gonjin, where she meets the charming Chief Hong. 


The set of Hometown Cha Cha was about a 30 minute taxi ride from our hotel. Upon reaching the area where it was filmed, I understood why characters fell in love with this town. It’s a beautiful charming and rustic area, which makes your heart warm just standing there. 


I had the opportunity to take pictures in the same places where the actors had filmed before. I looked around Bora Supermarket where a lot of key events in the show happened. I also took a instagram worthy picture outside the cafe of one of the character’s, Oh Yoon. 


For anyone who is interested in dramas this place is definitely a must see!

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