Viajemos a Gyeongbok palace!

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Metzin R.

Metzin R.

The Gyeongbok palace,

Welcome to the first blog!

The process to get into the Gyeongbok palace was one of my favorites so far. Everything started by choosing a Korean hanbok - being my first time, I felt welcomed though a little nervous. When we got into the rental place of hanboks, I wasn't sure what color to choose nor what accessory would be the best. While trying to decide on one, I wore a yellow one not only because it was so detailed but because its sunshine color reminded me of being part of something new. 

The next step was the hair - with so many hairstyles. I chose a long braid with many white accessories because I had already seen a few kdramas and was inspired by the great Shin Hye-sun (if you watch historical kdramas, you know). For a moment, when I had the hanbok on me - it reminded me of my own culture, which was a very wholesome moment.

As we got into the palace, I felt as if I was traveling back in history though I am sure things looked different back in the Joseon era. We visited the queen's garden where fun fact, after she would give birth, more plants would be planted and grow. As well as the king's office and main seat and even the place where back in the day they would have their social gatherings. With so many details and different textures, I learned a lot from Korean culture.

We took lots of pictures and videos and even in slow motion. My favorite part was learning about all the different stories through our YECCO students because stories make a difference. I was thankful and appreciative for being welcomed into a new culture and continue to learn. After the palace visit, we decided to take some cute pictures at a photo booth - where the heat and humidity, and glam were present. We ended at a cute cafe where another kdrama was filmed called true beauty at Insadong. 

Nos vemos!


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