The Ultimate Guide to The Start of Study Abroad in Madrid

By: Ella Schneider

If you are considering studying in Madrid for a semester abroad, it is the perfect place for students looking to immerse themselves in a new culture while pursuing their academic goals. In this blog post, I will guide you through everything you need to know to start your semester in Madrid. 

Studying at Madrid Universities: 

CIEE provided me with my University. I attend Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. It is in a city outside of Madrid, Getafe, so it is an hour commute, which has made me become a pro at the metro. I enjoy taking my business classes in another country, as it is interesting to see the similarities and differences between the curriculum in different countries. At first, I was not used to the European university lifestyle of a long commute and late-night classes, but I was able to get the hang of it and make a new routine here. 


CIEE also provided me with my housing. I was able to choose my roommates, so I room with eight girls from my home university. Our apartment is located in Vallehermoso, near Chamberi. It is the perfect location as we are able to feel like locals. With fresh vegetables, butchers, bakeries, and tomato shops just below our apartment, we are lucky to get fresh ingredients to cook every night. It is one of our favorite parts of our apartment location.

Navigating and Embracing Madrid: 

Luckily, with a commute to class, my roommates and I know how to use the metro. It is such an easy and cheap way to navigate Madrid. But, our more fun and favorite way to explore is scootering. There are Lime and Tier scooters every few blocks, so it is the perfect way to explore the city in an adventurous and inexpensive way. Madrid is also a walkable city, so it is always fun to explore its charming neighborhoods.  As students studying abroad, we have tried to embrace Madrid’s culture to the fullest. We attended a Real Madrid soccer game, the Running of the Sheep, and indulged in Tapas right below our apartment. For more on restaurants, you checkout my article dedicated to dining in Madrid.    

Travel Opportunities: 

Madrid's central location allows for easy travel throughout Spain and Europe. So far, I have traveled to eight new countries: Italy, Hungary, Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, Germany, France, Austria. Learn more about my favorite weekend trips in my next blog!