A Tropical Cafe in the Middle of Seoul? Let's Talk About it

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Perla D.

When it was confirmed that I would be studying abroad in South Korea, I knew that my daily activities would consist of some sort of cafe hopping since Seoul has some of the craziest cafes I’ve ever seen. Today, I’ll be introducing you to the Coconut Box Cafe.

Nestled in the bustling streets of Hongdae, Coconut Box Cafe immediately stood out as one of the quirkiest and most unexpected finds. The second I stepped into the cafe, I was transported to a coconut-themed paradise that felt like I was not even in Seoul anymore.

The Space:

The main reason my friends and I went to Coconut Box Cafe was definitely because of the ball pit. A cafe with a ball pit? It sounded crazy, and that's what intrigued us. However, as we explored this tropical paradise, we discovered so many more cool surprises that really elevated our experience. 

The cafe was not just for people who enjoy a good coconut vibe here and there; it was a place dedicated to creativity. There was art at every corner of this cafe and even a small museum/gallery where we saw some artwork from Vincent van Gogh and other artists being displayed. It was definitely not expected which made it even more interesting. 

My friends and I were really surprised at the seating options at this cafe as there were many bungalow-inspired seating areas scattered around the huge cafe. These little nooks gave the most cozy and vacation-like vibes which I loved. It was even the perfect place for studying as I felt comfortable and there was simple instrumental music playing in the background.

Bakery & Cafe:

When you go to this cafe, you must buy a drink to be able to explore around. I ordered a simple latte but I was more excited about the desserts. I got a Mangosteen Mango dessert, shaped like a mini coconut, which was a testament to the creativity of this cafe. I was scared that it would be an insanely sweet dessert but it was actually the perfect balance of flavors. The cafe also has a nice selection of freshly baked pastries and other drinks you can choose from.

Overall, Coconut Box Cafe was an immersive cafe experience with many surprises and I would return again. From a huge ball pit to bungalow style seating, this cafe has it all and is a great way to feel relaxed in a city like Seoul. Definitely make sure to check out this cafe!

picture of ball pit