Travels to the Hand!!! Yeosu Weekend Trip

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Kelsey M.

Kelsey M.

This past weekend I had the chance to go to Yeosu, South Korea with some of my friends not in the CIEE program. Yeosu is a small port town known for seafood, flowers, and beaches. The main reason I wanted to go to Yeosu was because of this attraction at Yeosu Artland and Resort. The attraction is called “Observatory Mida’s Hand” which is a large piece of art you can walk on and take pictures in. This photo spot is so popular we had to wait two hours to get our own chance alone with it. The wait was so worth it and I will forever be grateful for the pictures I took. I highly recommend coming to this resort not only to visit the hand but also to go to the water front cafes located throughout the property. Yeosu is a place surrounded by beautiful water views and blue skies. I could say this was the perfect break from the busy streets of Seoul and Sinchon where I usually am. To get to Yeosu, you only have to take the KTX bullet train two and a half hours towards the south side of the main island of Korea. If you have the time to explore more, Yeosu is located only a little but away from the famous city of Busan. While here for a short weekend trip, my friends and I also went to the Yeosu Aquarium, rode on a gondola over the water, visited the famous High-class 153 Resort featuring a picturesque swing, and ate plenty of seafood. Sometimes in my opinion being in the city all the time makes you forget you are actually in this beautiful country of South Korea. Going to a town like Yeosu made me see my surrounding differently and got to learn a new piece of history I never knew of. Even when I talk to many native Koreans, they mention they have never even visited Yeosu but they have always wanted to. Being in this study abroad program really gives you the chance to do things and see places even native citizens can’t. The beach and amazing seafood is just a train ride away and I highly recommend going to Yeosu.

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