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Everyone wants the opportunity to know new places, people, and cultures; once you make your first travel, you don't want to stop.
Mérida Yucatán has many ways to surprise visitors; you will fall in love with the different things you can do in this great and beautiful Mexican state.
Mayapan pyramids.
Mayapan, the last Maya capital city, was the cultural and political center of the Mayan civilization and significantly influenced the smaller city-states surrounding it.
The architectural influence of Chichen Itza is evident in the impressive buildings and structures at Mayapan. The ruins complex is a sprawling collection of buildings, temples, palaces, and ceremonial centers. 
In this place, you can walk in the observatory and climb the main pyramid at the city's center, where you can take a sky view of Mayapan.
To know more about Mayapan history, let me recommend you get a guided tour; people who work there could make a difference between just visiting Mayapan or learning about what happened there.
As part of this fantastic adventure, you will visit one of the various cenotes around Mayapan; we went to the Tzabnah cave, which means "El Palacio del Rey" (Palace's King) in the Maya language.
To access the cave, you must descend 17 meters through a hole located on the ground until you reach the cenote. The cenote is a pool of crystal waters in a cave surrounded by rocky walls and strange formations from the roof or the ground.
We visited 13 underground cenotes in this cave; by the way, to get there, we had to creep to continue the road; once we got to the last cenote, we did not doubt to swim and refresh for a while.
If you want to have one experience like that, don't hesitate to visit Mérida Yucatan; you will love it.