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Hailey B.

Tucked away in Busan, South Korea, Gamcheon Cultural Village is a vibrant, colorful gem you don't want to miss. This being my second time in Busan, Gamcheon Village is still just as vibrant and intriguing as before. Me along with 6 of my friends took a long weekend trip to Busan where we made amazing memories and doing many activities. Of all the things we did, Gamcheon Village proved to be the most invigorating and memorable. As we took the bullet train from Seoul to Busan, everyone was reminded of the hit movie Train to Busan.


This place started as a settlement for Korean War refugees back in the 1950s and has completely transformed over the years. By the early 2000s, it was in decline, but a 2009 project brought it back to life. Now, local artists and residents have covered it in bright murals and sculptures, turning it into an artistic hotspot. The pastel colored houses and beautiful murals really bring the village to life. Locals run cozy shops, cafes, and guesthouses. You can even join workshops like pottery or traditional painting to really get a feel for the village’s artistic spirit. One really cute shop my friends and I went to offered a printed photo flip book. We dressed up using fun accessories provided by the owner and he directed us to do fun poses for the camera. After about ten minutes we returned to the shop and the results were amazing and something we will remember and cherish forever. We walked around the village for hours constantly coming upon beautiful outlooks and places for great photos. There were adorable shops where many handmade items are sold on every corner and small vendors selling traditional street food.

Gamcheon Cultural Village shows just how powerful art and community can be. Its lively streets and friendly atmosphere make it a must-see in Busan. Whether you love art or are just curious, Gamcheon offers a unique and memorable experience. After you explore Gamcheon Village, be sure to take a short bus ride to Jagalchi Market for delicious and fresh seafood!