Tour at Lotte World Folk Museum

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Cynthia Z.

Cynthia Z.

Last month, Yecco and CIEE students met to explore and learn at the Lotte World Folk Museum. Yecco is an organization made up of local Korean students who have a passion for teaching about Korean history and culture. Throughout the CIEE program, other Yonsei students and I have been able to go to palace tours and other events with Yecco students to learn more about Korea and interact with other students. 

During this event, we were able to go through multiple exhibitions that followed the dynasty timeline. The tour include the Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla Kingdoms. All the exhibitions held artwork and other displays that were significant to each ruling dynasty. I enjoyed walking around the exhibitions, as I was able to recognize some of the artwork pieces as I have been learning about them in my Korean Art History class. 

One of the pieces I learned about is shown below: 

The artwork is a significant piece in art history which depicts buddha and his attendants. The piece was created during the Goryeo Dynasty.

After walking through all the exhibitions, we were able to all play traditional Korean games together. All the games we played helped develop our team working skills as most games were played as a group. One of the games we played was Julleomgi Nori, which required all of our team players to jump rope at the same time to score points against other teams.

The excursion to Lotte World Folk Museum was enjoyable as I was able to learn further about Korean artwork, history, and games. I hope to continue meeting new people and continue learning through my study abroad experience and the CIEE program.

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