Tour of the City of Hearts

Authored by:
Mariah K.

Mariah K.

This is my second time in the Dominican Republic, however, I never had the chance to truly see Santiago De Los Caballeros.  Santiago is a smaller city than the Santo Domingo and although it houses over 1 million people, it feels like a small town. I first visited the monument which was truly breathtaking. It has a great view that overlooks the city and is a great place to sit and clear your mind. I did not have a chance to go inside and store the museum, but in my free time, I plan on returning to learn and gain knowledge on the history about the place and the value it holds to Santiago. The next place that I toured was a downtown area filled with shops, bars, and everyday people working. What intrigued me the most about the downtown area was the artwork. Many muralists come down there to display their work and its breathtaking. Santiago gives off a very welcoming energy and I really appreciate that about this Caribbean city.

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