Top 3 Vegan Spots in Berlin

By: Rachel Fischler

Berlin is a haven for vegans and vegetarians alike. Incredibly progressive and diverse in lifestyles, culture, and background–Berlin is a culinary whirlwind with tastes for every palette. These are my three favorite spots I can’t recommend enough while you are in Berlin.

The Best Cafe: No Milk Today

I found myself spending hours in peace at “No Milk Today”. In the colder months I cozied up on the eclectic couches and took in the beauty of the endless art and nuance around me. The space was warm and welcoming and the food was always so fresh and homemade tasting. 

In the warmer months I loved soaking up the sunshine outside at the cute tables surrounded by a small, almost terrace-like fence. The greenery spilled over from the street in the colorful, quiet neighbourd just by the Südstern U-Bahn stop, filling my senses. I enjoyed their vegan quiche and turmeric vanilla latte far too many times! All of their freshly baked treats were astoundingly delicious. This cafe is very proud of its justice oriented approach to plant-based living.

The Best Meal: “Han West” for Dumplings and Bao

Serving Asian street food, my tastebuds were always delighted by the flavorful vegan bao and dumplings. Han West serves both vegan and non-vegan options, so it is great for a group of people with different preferences. I always found myself moved by the realness and warmth in the food. Most of the cooking is done right behind the counter and I had many lovely conversations with different people who worked there. One even helped me with my German when I had a slip up as I ordered!

They have a few locations in Berlin, but my favorite was the one in Neukölln right by Templehofer Feld. There is beautiful outdoor seating and you are just a few minutes fom Berlin’s biggest park. The street is so quiet and it is a lovely place to go on a warm day. If its chilly, I opted to go to the other location in Mitte. It is very cozy but you may be lucky enough to find a seat!

The Best Sweet Treat: Brammibal’s Vegan Donuts

Wow. That’s all. Just. Wow. I trip overmyself everytime I enter a Brammibal’s donut shop. I feel far too spoiled that it exists. Plant based foods have come so far, and Brammibal’s focus is to “donut eat animals”. When you enjoy their fresh donuts and seasonal flavors, you won’t find yourself missing any indulgence-that’s for sure.

There are many locations across Berlin. This is a popular spot to pop into, and they also serve a lovely assortment of drinks. My favorite donut flavor there will always be the Bostom Cream Pie one, it is truely decadent. 

For the vegans that get the chance to pass through Berlin, your convictions will certainly not be compromised in the name of good food.