Thank You My Friends

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Lauren H.

As my time here in Korea comes to an end I'm getting increasingly sentimental.

Coming to Korea, I wasn't sure how I was going to make friends when naturally I'm more of an introvert shy type who has only five friends in total, which I befriended in elementary school. 

But coming here all alone meant I had to put in that extra work to meet new people and form new connections. 

I made sure I actively participated in conversations and exchanged information after meeting new people so we could hopefully meet again.

I want to take the time to thank all of the friends I've made here who have made my experience in Korea less intimidating.

Erika, thank you for taking care of me. Always making sure that I'm feeling alright. Always asking me what I want to do. Although I'm indesisive most of the time and I force you to make those decisions I appreciate it nonetheless. I admire you outgoingness and how you view the world and your experiences in a positive light. As a pessimist, it's refreshing. I'm so grateful to have met you and have you in my life going forward.

Amy, one of the best roommates I could have asked for. It was a crazy coincidence that we happened to go to the same school. I appreciate our late night chats and late night runs to CU because we wanted ice cream at 2 am. Our little hair salon in room 457 was unexpected, but I think we have a future in hair if our degrees don't take us anywhere. Even if you hate me, you can't get ride of me. See you at UW.

Liz, thank you for introducing me to Kordle and the life of a k-pop stan. What would I do without the insider information about Weekly? Anyway, I'm always here to finished random song lyrics or outdated vine references. 

Michelle, although we met later in the semester you feel like a long time friend. They way we were able to just talk about anything that normally I would keep to myself goes to show how you make me and everyone else around you comfortable. It's an amazing quality to have and I am a little envious of that trait. Would you like to share? Thank you for being someone I can talk to openly without any judgement. I hope we continue to be friends for a long time.

Crystal, even though the original plan was for us to study abroad together and go to the same university I think it worked out for the best. I tend to rely on you too much so I'm glad our distance allowed us to grow as individuals. Although we were together in Korea we are able to come together and share our stories without having experienced the same things. Thank you for being someone who keeps me grounded and always lends me their ear when life becomes a little to overwhelming.

Thank you everyone for being there for me without asking for anything in return. Although I may not show it at times I deeply appriciate each of you and I love you.