Tango Your Way Through Winter Break

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If ever a dance defined a culture, it is Argentina’s tango – one of the most famous and dramatic dances in modern times. Spend J-term in Buenos Aires earning credits and living the poetry and music of this world-renowned genre through a combination of fascinating coursework, out-of-classroom activities, and of course, tango lessons. 

“Tango. From the City Margins to the World is the perfect course for students who are curious about Argentinean culture and for those interested in world music. Tango has been essential in shaping the Buenos Aires culture,” said Andres Piacentino, Director of the CIEE Global Institute – Buenos Aires, where the program will be hosted. (The Buenos Aires Global Institute recently moved to an extraordinary petit hôtel constructed in the 1920s by Europeans attracted to the culture, beauty, and booming economy of Buenos Aires.)

During this three-week program you’ll come to understand the colossal impact tango had not only on the culture of Argentina, but on the country’s politics, literature and poetry, and gender identity. Instructors who specialize in the history and sociological implications of tango will lead the program and guide you on tours of tango landmarks, performances, and cultural centers throughout Buenos Aires. 

J-term is the perfect time to earn credits (this course is worth 3!) and gain an in-depth understanding of tango’s contribution to world music and how it became a cultural artifact not only in Argentina, but around the world. “We are excited to finally offer this program which has been meticulously planned to showcase the culture of Buenos Aires.”

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