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Located on the southeastern tip of Mexico, dividing the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea, the Yucatán Peninsula will dazzle you like no other location. Ancient Mayan ruins, spectacular biosphere reserves, jaw-dropping cenotes, lush emerald forests, white-sand beaches, and bustling cities all add up to the perfect place to take your STEM knowledge to new levels. Here’s how…

Remarkable Biodiversity

Did you know Mexico has more than 12% of the world’s biodiversity found within its borders? In the Yucatán alone, there are more than 7,300 wildlife species, 2,300 plant species, and 700 fish species. This sprawling and biodiverse community offers everything from long-tailed monkeys to dolphins, toucans to Yucatán honey bees, cacti to mangos trees, just to name a few. With interactive co-curricular activities, excursions, and fieldwork, you’ll have plenty of hands-on learning opportunities to do research and gain an in-depth understanding of the natural environment. 

Chicxulub Crater

Much of the Yucatán sits within the Chicxulub crater, formed by the impact of a large asteroid that hit the earth 66 million years ago. Not only did it cause the fifth great extinction that included dinosaurs, it left behind a geological wonder! The Yucatán’s karst topography of limestone creates caves and cenotes is unlike anything you’ve encountered - rich in beauty and cultural significance.

STEM + Mayan history

The ancient Maya civilization was one of the most advanced indigenous cultures of the Americas, with accomplished astronomers, mathematicians, and architects designing and building cities from the ground up. Explore how the environment and biodiversity impacted Mayan’s agricultural practices; how Mayan chemistry and math were used in everyday life; and how technology and science impacted Mayan and Mexican society. Onsite tours of their most famous ruins enhance your studies and offer a new perspective of this remarkable culture.

Hablas Español

All STEM courses are taught in English, so don’t worry if your Spanish language skills are minimal - you’ll have the opportunity to take Spanish language courses in the Yucatán. Not only will it enrich your interactions with locals, but fluency in a second language is a bonus if you’re considering work in the global job market.

Renowned Research Facilities

The Yucatán hosts more than a dozen universities and several national research facilities where you can interact with local scientists and researchers. At the Scientific and Technology Park of Yucatán, see firsthand projects on agrobiotechnology, sustainable fisheries, polymers, nanomaterials, and more. Visit laboratories where research is being conducted on the DNA of plants, seedling production, renewable energy solutions, and more. Compare Mexico’s approaches with those of the U.S. for valuable intercultural learning.

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Study STEM in the Yucatan!