Stepping out of your comfort zone

Authored by:
Mariah K.

Mariah K.

I am a person who loves doing community service and helping others, however when I initially heard about the service project in the Campos I was not excited. I typically do not like outside activities and I was unsure about how I could truly make an impact and still be comfortable. When we arrived at Rio Grande Debajo, my eyes opened because I had never seen anything like it. It was a small town with beautiful brown people that looked like myself. Once I stepped out of the bus people were there greeting me, children playing and people fellowshipping. The Campo reminded me of the small town near a reservation where my grandmother grew up. Everyone knows each other and there are generations of families that look after each other. Once we began gardening I found myself very uncomfortable due to the extreme humidity and the amount of physical labor I had to do. There were many times that I wanted to quit and take the next bus back to Santiago, however, seeing how happy the little kids were about the garden and their willingness to help forced me to push my feelings aside and do something for the greater good. The men in the community were very helpful in teaching me how to dig holes and cut wood that I truly could not be upset about having to work outside. There was a lot of rain and a lot of bugs, but once we finished the garden, everything that I was upset about seemed very minor. The students in Rio Grande now have a garden where they can grow fresh vegetables and continue to practice healthy eating habits while taking care of the environment. Community Service is not always what you prefer, but stepping out of your comfort to do something nice for someone else is a step to becoming a conscious citizen.


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