Starting to Dance With No Prior Experience in South Korea

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Nicolas H.

I have always wanted to learn how to dance. From watching choreography on YouTube and other types of dance performances. Since I have been in Korea and there are dozens of dance studios to choose from, I decided to start. My first experience with dancing was actually through CIEE where we learned “Super Shy” by New Jeans which… was a challenge. That class was rough but in the following weeks, a friend and I went to EZ dance studio in Sinchon just a few minutes walk from the campus. We learned a popular choreography to the song “Smoke” by Dynamic Duo and Lee Young Ji. I already knew of the dance from an online challenge, which made it intimidating at first but the class was slow and I was able to follow along although I couldn't understand Korean. The class we chose had two parts so one class was on Tuesday, and the second was on Thursday. By the end of Thursday my dance was far from perfect but getting my foot in the door of learning choreography in a class setting was very fun. The second class was NCT’s “fact check” which was more difficult but I seemed to pick that one up a lot quicker than the last. The classes were hard but going smoother and although it was a more difficult dance I still really enjoyed it. Each class was 20,000 Krw (~15$) which is not bad at all and it was easy to follow along and communicate if I needed to although the class was in Korean. The final class I took was with another dance studio in Gangnam. The studio was WaveMonster and this class was more difficult and a little more fast-paced. I knew the Choreographer from the first class I took with CIEE so it was still very fun to see a familiar face. The dance was “3D” by Jungkook Ft. Jack Harlow. Although I knew the song I had never seen the dance so this one was also a challenge but the process of learning a new dance became relatively familiar so I was learning faster than before. One class was 30,000 Krw and the choreo was 3 days long, Wednesday, Monday, and Wednesday.
So far that's all the classes I have taken, but I'm planning to do more soon. In each class, I seem to be improving and the opportunities for different studios are endless in Seoul. If you ever wanted to start dancing and are in Seoul, There are endless opportunities and I highly recommend to start. Who knows, maybe it can become a full blown hobby for you in the future.