Spring 2019 Excursion to Porto

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Sara Epifânio

Sara Epifânio

On February 15-16, we got on the road and headed off to Porto, the second largest city of Portugal and a place that should not be missed while in the country!  On top of it all, the weather was extremely inviting and we could not wait to end the three-hour trip and make it to the city.  

Once in Porto, there’s so much one can do in the city but the first thing to do was to explore it with a team of local tour guides. With them we made sure to get to know every corner of Porto’s Historical Centre, a World Heritage Site since 1996, full of enchanting details in its landscape, monuments and a cross of historical and urban art and architecture. The Aliados Avenue, Torre dos Clérigos, Lello Bookshop and São Bento Station were some of the most incredible stops. 

In the end, almost at sunset, there was time to enjoy a walk in Ribeira do Porto or even go beyond the pier. Right by the Douro river, the cameras could not stop shooting the view of Vila Nova de Gaia and its famous Port Wine cellars on the bank of the river.   

On our way back to Lisbon, we made sure to visit Serralves Foundation. It really is a must-see as one of Europe’s most versatile cultural places due to its unique Portuguese and international exhibitions and its architecture, both in and outside of the museum!  Luckily, we grabbed lunch at their amazing restaurant and, before travelling back to the capital, we still made sure to relax in the quiet yet artsy gardens of Serralves. 

Overall, the city just feels so alive and there’s so much to see... and taste! Porto’s gastronomy was well worth discovering. Francesinhas, the famous saucy sandwiches, are the most recommend thing while in town! It’s an experience as itself.  

In the end, Porto was a great weekend getaway and one we will not forget! 

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