Spicy's Spice

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Rumi Y.

For our study tour in block 3, the CIEE Copenhagen contingent went to Hamburg, Germany! Our first stop was the LEGO Factory and LEGO Project House in Billund, Denmark, where we learned the history of the family-owned company, the mission of the company, and the future of LEGO. In the future, the LEGO Group plans to make LEGO products completely out of sustainable materials and reach zero waste in operations by 2030. We were also gifted an adorable Christmas themed LEGO set each. My first ever LEGO set - I built it as soon as I got back to Copenhagen!

Another highlight of the Hamburg trip was the Spicy's Spice Museum, located next to Miniatur Wunderland in the the largest warehouse complex in the world. As a port city, Hamburg was the gateway for spices, teas, and coffees into Germany for hundreds of years! At the museum, there are over 900 exhibits and samples telling the tale of the global spice trade over the last five centuries. There are sacks and bowls filled with fragrant spices to see and touch.

It was really nice to be back in Germany. Even though I spent my last block in Berlin, there was a certain familiarity that welcomed me back to Hamburg. I imagine that the countries that I have stayed in throughout this program will always feel like another version of home.

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