Spend Your Winter Break in Warm and Sunny Seville!

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Breathe in the magic fragrance of jasmine and let it guide you through the old historic quarter of Seville. There you’ll discover the incredible secret plazas where Sevillians have lived for centuries and the extraordinary diversity of ancient cultures that have settled in Spain.

Spend your winter break in Seville and get an in-depth look at the fascinating coexistence of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian history and architecture found throughout the city in our three-week, three-credit Three Cultures in Spain: Jews, Christians, Muslims.

Through a combination of in-class lectures and co-curricular activities, you’ll come away with a global understanding of the differences and similarities between these cultures, and be able to dive into the political, economic, artistic, and social influences that led to the developments of ancient and modern Spain.

“This J-term program is specifically designed for students who fully seek to understand how these three cultures have shaped the core values that define Spain in the context of modern Europe,” said CIEE Director of Seville, Francisco Díez.

Get the most out of your winter break and participate in this inclusive learning journey in Seville, a city whose origins date back to the trade routes controlled by the Phoenicians in the 8th century BC. Don’t miss the opportunity to study the different civilizations that established their capital before it became the most important city in Southern Europe and the gateway to the Americas in the 16th century. You will explore unforgettable sites such as the Royal Alcazars, the Cathedral of Seville, the General Archive of the Indies, the Museum of Spanish Inquisition, ancient religious temples, and much more.

Plus, you don’t need to speak Spanish for this program! But you will come away with basic Spanish skills and a better understanding of Spain.

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