Spend J-term Learning Spanish in the Beautiful Yucatán

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College Study Abroad

Between Mayan ruins and modern culture, cenotes and white sand beaches, delicious foods and spectacular mangroves, you’ll fall in love with the perfectly balanced existence in the Yucatán.

You’re invited to CIEE’s three-week, three-credit, Spanish Language – Beginning I program - specially designed for J-term students. Spend winter break developing fundamental Spanish language skills and Spanish vocabulary. In just three weeks,  you’ll be communicating using everyday phrases, understanding common expressions, and pronouncing vocabulary in a clear and comprehensible way. Coursework is combined with cultural activities around the Yucatán community to put your skills to the test and learn more about the indigenous culture and city.

Get a firsthand look at the many significant accomplishments of the Mayan civilization – like Chichén Itzá – one of the Seven Wonders of the World! The Mayans also built other massive structures such as palaces, temples, and pyramids and were known for their art, writing, astronomical and mathematical systems, and supernatural beliefs. Immerse yourself in contemporary Mexican society and see the deep Mayan influence!

You’ll also swim in crystal-clear cenotes, birdwatch in the Celestún Wildlife Refuge - home to countless pink flamingos - and explore Meridá’s magnificent Botanical Garden.

No matter your academic background, learning another language is a huge PLUS for your resume. With January in Yucatán, you’ll not only gain Spanish skills, but you’ll experience rich Hispanic culture that will definitely reshape your understanding of Mexican culture and give you a new appreciation for the Mayan wonders.

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