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What if every person on the globe consumed as much as the average American? Study abroad in Chile this January and come face to face with the challenges of sustainability and the possibility of living in the Anthropocene epoch. Earn three credits in three weeks taking a broad, interdisciplinary look at the role human behavior plays in the current sustainability crisis; discover how your carbon footprint differs from those from developing nations like Chile; and brainstorm ideas for creating a blueprint for a sustainable future.

Surrounded by the magnificent Andes in the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west, Chile has become Latin America’s hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Its capital – Santiago – is the industrial, financial, and geographic center of the country, and home to the CIEE Global Institute where Sustainability and the Anthropocene will be held this January. According to Academic Coordinator Alejandra Herrera, “the course is perfect for students interested in understanding the true meaning of sustainability and how it has evolved into a significant concept for our global society.”

As winter’s grey skies hover over the U.S., you’ll enjoy the start of summer in the southern hemisphere – perfect for the many out-of-class excursions designed to drive home in-class studies. Be sure to pack your hiking boots for treks through the spectacular Parque Aquas de Ramón - rich with Chile’s unique flora and fauna; the Upper Rio Mapocho; and Buin Zoo – once a pig farm, and now a world-class habitat for 250 species. 

Finally, you’ll get a firsthand look at Chile’s approach to protecting its vast natural resources and abundant biodiversity. As a result of the class, Alejandra Herrara hopes “students will go home not only with a new understanding of our global climate challenge, but simple ways they can reduce their carbon footprint and protect their local environment. The first step though, is to join us this January in Santiago.” 

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