A special weekend

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January in Buenos Aires

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Natalia Nadal

A Special Weekend


By Liberal Arts Student, Cameron Wilson

What a weekend! The CIEE  Fall Liberal Arts program was extremely fortunate to go to Iguazu Falls, where we were led by Miguel, a funny and welcoming guide who was very knowledgeable about the surrounding area. On Friday, one of our first stops was an amazing lunch at Tío Querido, where the group spread out between three or four long tables. We had empanadas to start, followed by a delicious cut of meat, and a tasty chocolate-covered ice cream dessert. After our lunch, we knew we were in for a treat this weekend. We eventually made our way to a mine, where we learned about the different rocks and minerals that have been found in the area.

Friday night, we were free to go wherever we wanted for dinner. I went with a couple of friends to Tacopado, a two-floor Mexican restaurant with walls covered in bright yellow paint and fun murals. My meat and chicken quesadillas and a side of fries were the perfect cap to the first day.

On Saturday, we woke up early and ate a big Argentinian breakfast at our hotel, which included delicious facturas, eggs, coffee, and more. Then we made our way to the renown falls, where we hiked three different paths to get several different views. No words or pictures could describe the immensity, power, and beauty of Iguazu Falls. I remember talking with friends about how impossible it was to comprehend just how much water fell every second from La Garganta del Diablo. The Falls’s beauty, size, and power just remind me how small we are as people, but also how fortunate I am to be able to witness such a sight.

But the Falls were not the end to the fun. For dinner Saturday night, the CIEE group went to The Argentina Experience, a restaurant that covers many features of Argentinian culture and cuisine. We began the experience by folding our own empanadas, and continued the night eating tasty appetizers, drinking wine, eating the perfect cut of meat, and capping the meal with alfajores and mate.

Whether it be experiencing the delicious Argentinian cuisine, standing under the humbling Iguazu Falls, or walking alongside the rivers that separate Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina, the CIEE Liberal Arts group had a special weekend.