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Natalia Nadal

Natalia Nadal


Porteño Spanish lessons and strong café, well-known as cortado, ended up by being one the best combinations for the Survival Spanish lessons´ Menu. We followed the route of the Bares Notables: Café Tortoni and Café de los Angelitos . 

The city has over 70 listed historic cafés declared “Bares Notables”, recognized for their importance to the city’s culture, being the meeting places for illustrious literary, musical and political figures. All of them, spread throughout the city, give students the opportunity to get to know new neighbourhoods by discovering layer after layer the fascinating architectural heritage of the city.


While enjoying churros and hot chocolate,  GI Center classroom’s boundaries vanished and lessons started with the smell of home-made pastries and  the hustle and bustle of lively Buenos Aires.

We put into practice the language that Borges and Gardel used for their poems and lyrics: "Mi Buenos Aires querido..."


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