Sophomore + Study Abroad = EXCELLENT IDEA

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College Study Abroad

College Study Abroad

Where is it written that study abroad is for college juniors? In fact, there are a whole lot of reasons studying abroad in your sophomore year actually makes more sense! (Unless of course your college or program requires junior standing.) Here’s a few …

The World is Your Oyster

Everyone knows, come junior year, the crunch is on. You’ve got requirements to fulfill. Internships to consider. Job fairs to attend. So, before the dial gets cranked up to high, why not study abroad? Enjoy the freedom that comes with sophomore year and explore something entirely new like the Incan Empire in Peru, Tropical Ecology in Costa Rica, or Middle East Studies in Amman. Who knows, the experience could change your academic and professional trajectory and put you on an entirely new path!

Be THAT Person

Study abroad in sophomore year and experience the best of both worlds. First, you benefit from the insight of juniors who’ve already taken the study abroad leap. Get the scoop on everything from cheap flights to must-do excursions. Then, when you return, you get to be the go-to expert for advising friends and classmates on their journey abroad. Everybody wins!

The longer you wait …

No one wants to hear the old adage, but it’s true! The longer you wait the less likely you are to make it happen. There. You read it. Make sure you don’t fall victim and miss out. Your college years fly by – fill them with exploration and adventure.


Study abroad your sophomore year leaves two full years to … study abroad again! You may well discover that your first journey abroad ignites an unquenchable wanderlust. Thankfully your sophomore status leaves four semesters, two summers, and two J-terms to make the world your classroom.

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