Something In The Water

Authored by:
Phillip D.

I've only been here three weeks and I've already spent more time in the water here than I've spent this summer back in the US. Although the beach waters here are extremely salty, incredibly deep, and never fail to burn my eye sockets when I return to the surface from being under the water, they are an absolutely stunning sight to experience. Not to mention that the salinty of the water is good for exfoliating skin and cleaning wounds (I had a shaving incident last weekend). Although my past two weekends have resulted in me returning to my host home with fairly dry skin and a decent amount of sand on my body, I wouldn't want this experience to happen any other way. Furthermore, I'm happy to have made friends here who've been willing to take awesome photos of me that I can share with my family back home (and viceversa).

One thing I wish to do fairly soon is to travel to or maybe even meet someone who lives in one of the more rural cities in this country. Driving through the mountains in order to reach the lagoons this weekend was a breathtaking experience and it honestly made me seriously think about buying a home in this country. It was weird seeing so many extravagant houses next to houses that, in most cases, didn't look nearly as impressive in comparrison. It makes me want to learn about how communities form in this country and how those of different socioeconomic backgrounds choose to coexist. There's so many things about this place I wish I had the answers to.    



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