Set Your Alarm Early, Especially while Travelling

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Sean G.

Sean G.

Why do you travel? Many travel for leisure, visiting new places for a week or two of relaxation. Some travel to reconnect with their roots. Others, myself included, travel to learn. No matter your motivation to travel, finding a place to stay that caters to "ecotourists" will enhance your experience by exposing you to the natural beauty the country, countryside or city has to offer. When you're there, do yourself a favor and set an alarm. You may only find yourself there this one time, and with the breathtaking views hidden all over the world, there's no reason to choose a few extra hours of sleep over experiencing the serenity of a sunrise, and watch as the natural world wakes up around you. 

Here are some of my photos from our weekend excursion to Rio Blanco in the Dominican Republic:

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