September 1st - BTS Jungkook Day

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Casey C.

Dear Friends,

As many of you may know, I am an Army (a BTS fan). So naturally, I had to celebrate Jungkook's 25th birthday! Back home, there are a handful of support events* but nothing compared to Seoul. There were SO many events and banners all around Seoul that it really felt like the entire city was celebrating his birthday. 

On Monday, I went to a cafe event. They had photos of him all over the walls and tables and gave out goodies when I bought a drink! I stayed at the cafe with my friend for a long time to snap some photos and look at all the pictures plastered around the cafe. Luckily, I was the only one there at the time so I had the whole cafe to myself! My friend, Ashley, isn't a fan of BTS but I think she still had a good time :) A little while later, I ran into another event in Hongdae! They also had photos of Jungkook around the cafe and balloons and streamers for people to take photos. And to top it off, I ran into banners out on the street and ads inside the subway on my way home. 

On Wednesday, it was his actual birthday! My friend, Angela, and I went to I'Park Mall to see a huge monument (I added a photo for reference!) It was dedicated to one of his singles, Still With You. With the buildings in the background and the purple themed monument, it was a beatiful site to see. Jungkook's fans in China were the ones who came up with and funded this project—it's crazy how much support he has! After we took a few photos, Angela and I went to visit HYBE Entertainment building. It was so cool to be in the same proximity where my favorite music is produced. Also, everytime someone walked out of the building, I thought to myself, "Oh, Do you think they know BTS?". Angela and I had a really good laugh.

Right next to the HYBE building was another cafe! This one had super cute photos of his childhood, his artwork, and his stage presence. We ordered drinks and stayed at the cafe for a bit where we met a fellow Army! She was so kind and we exchanged information to hangout in the future. Not even 30 seconds away from this cafe was ANOTHER ONE! We, of course, had to quickly stop by and take pictures. 

The entire day was so eventful and I had so much fun going to these support events. I could literally turn the corner and see his face on a big screen! It is clear through the support events and advertisments that he has such a huge impact on people. I find it crazy how much support these Kpop idols have and the lengths their fans would go to to show their appericatation for them. I hope Jungkook knows how much people love him! I'm excited to go to more events for other idols in the future.

Talk soon,


*support events are usually held in cafes where the entire cafe is decorated for an idols birthday and fans can buy drinks to receive pictures and a cup sleeve. 

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