The Seoul Squad

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Sophie B.

Sophie B.

Dear Blog,

This trip has been a phenomenal experience, and I don't think I could have had as close to the amount of fun I had without the friend group I made through the CIEE program. I met four other people that I consider my 'Seoul Squad.' Their names are Lilly, Tara, Neikko, and Minjae. Lilly is from New York, Tara is from San Francisco, Neikko is from Ottowa, Canada, and Minjae is from Southern California. We are all around the same age, with at most a year age gap in between, allowing us to relate and connect on a deeper level. We have been lucky enough to experience South Korea together and have gotten extremely close over the month and a half that we have been free from quarantine. Some of the most memorable and fun times we had together include going to the movies in Sinchon, shopping in Gangnam, going to multiple animal cafes, eating at Korean markets, and visiting Namsan Tower. I was initially a bit nervous about going on this abroad trip and not making solid connections and friends that could relate to me. However, I was happily surprised when I met Lilly, where we both branched out to become friends with Neikko, Tara, and Minjae. We all have such contrasting backgrounds, home life, and opinions, giving us the ability to contribute such unique qualities and points of view in everything we do together. I am so grateful for these people and look forward to meeting up with them in the future. 

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