A Scavenger Hunt Around Seoul

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Casey C.

Dear Friends,

To close off the welcome events, CIEE hosted a scavenger hunt for us to do! I was placed in a group of 3 and we learned how to take the subway to really popular sites. The subway is honestly super easy to understand so that was not difficult at all for us. 

First, we headed towards the DDP, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, where Seoul Fashion Week is usually held! I would love to come back and actually get a chance to see what the DDP looks like during that week. We then travelled to Lotte World Tower and I was really shocked at how tall the building was. I didn't go all the way up but I do want to eventually (I am afraid of heights though)! Our final destination was COEX Mall and the Starfield Library. I've been to the library once before but it was still super cool to look around. The bookshelves are so high that I wonder if people actually buy books on the top shelves. My group and I took the subway back home and got some dessert and drinks to cool ourselves down -- thanks CIEE for the food stipend :) 

Even though the scavenger hunt took over 4 hours and I was most definitely tired at the end, it was super fun to be able to explore so many places in one day!! I've only been out of quarantine for 5 days and already seen so much. I really can't wait to continue exploring.

Talk soon!





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