Save Money When You Go Abroad Again with CIEE!

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College Study Abroad

College Study Abroad

The first thing we hear when students return from their study abroad adventure is how “life-changing” the experience was.

The second thing? “I can’t wait to travel again!”

Which is exactly why we created the “CIEE Go Abroad Again Grant” in 2018.  

If you’ve studied abroad with CIEE, you’re eligible for a 10% discount on your next non-consecutive CIEE semester or summer study abroad program. 

That’s not all. Because we firmly believe that every student should experience the transformational power of international education, we extended the “CIEE Go Abroad Again Grant” to siblings of CIEE alumni too! 

Do you have family members who want to live and learn abroad? Because the 10% discount applies to them too! In fact, since the inception of this grant, more than 120 students have enjoyed considerable savings.

Don’t forget, CIEE offers January, semester, summer and block programs as well as international internships. With more than 200 programs in 50+ countries, there are so many reasons to pack your suitcase and explore the world again with CIEE!


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