Sakura's and 花見

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Aleya G.

After a long, almost two month break, I have come back to Sophia University for my last semester! So far the start of this semester has been fun and beautiful. In early April there were sakura's blooming outside and it is a beautiful way to start the semester. For those that do not know, typically during this time people here like to do 花見 (hanami) which is flower viewing/ hanging out activity. If you have the opportunity to do this with either Japanese friends or those of CIEE it is a fun activity. Typically, people drink and have fun instead of observing the flowers despite the name name of the activity being a flower viewing. In any park you go in during this time it is destined to be crowded but beautiful. These photos were taken around Sophia and at Shinjuku Gyoen Park. 

Photo for blog post Sakura's and 花見
Photo for blog post Sakura's and 花見

Hope you enjoy these beautiful pictures, and see you next time!