Rose Garden at Seoul Grand Park

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Meagan S.

South Korea has a lot of different flower festivals during the spring, like the cherry blossom, tulip, apricot blossoms, and many more! I was kind of upset that I couldn’t go to any of the festivals as they were out of Seoul and I just didn’t have any time to go, but luckily there was one I was able to go to here in Seoul!

The Seoul Grand Park was holding a Rose Garden Festival, so a group of friends and I decided to go!

It took us about an hour or so to get to the park, but the station exit leads right to the park, so we didn’t have to walk very far to get there. We were worried about it raining as it had started to as we headed to the subway station but by the time we got to the park it had stopped and didn’t start back up until we were leaving.

We missed most of the activities the festival had going on, but it was still fun! There weren’t many people there either (most likely due to the rain) so that was a bonus.

There were rows and rows of roses in the garden and varying colors from red, yellow, white, pink, and even mixes of pink and yellow and orange and yellow. There were also arches covered in roses along the pathways.

Another section of the rose garden had what looked like peonies at first, I thought they were, but they were actually rose peony hybrids there were also a couple more rose hybrids too.

There was also a peony garden but sadly all the peonies had wilted, there were only a few left but those had lost most of their petals. There’s a healing garden too, it had rocks shaped like sheep and a small garden of flowers it was very relaxing as there weren’t many people in the area.

The Rose Garden Festival goes on from May 25 to June 9, but if you aren’t able to go the roses will still be there to view! Also, it’s only 2,000 won to get to the theme garden were they’re at! The park also has a zoo and a botanical garden as well! We couldn’t go because we had gotten there pretty late so by the time we were done at the rose garden the park was closing.

If you love roses and other flowers or just want to get beautiful pictures then the rose garden at the Seoul Grand Park isn’t that far!

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