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June is a wonderful time to be in Rome – the weather is warm but not too hot, long sunny days with little rain. It is a popular time for tourists – local and non – and the city is buzzing getting ready for summer!

On June 9, Rome celebrates Pentecost at the Pantheon. Pentecost is a religious festival which celebrates the Holy Spirit.  A mass is held in the morning in the Pantheon and followed by a red rose petals shower afterwards.  Firemen climb to the top of the dome and drop lots and lots of red rose petals through the hole on the roof of the Pantheon.  It’s raining rose petals inside the basilica till the whole floor is covered in red petals. Although a typically Catholic event, this is certainly an incredible moment not to be missed by all!

Rose petals falling from the roof of the Pantheon

There are two important holidays in June: The Festa della Repubblica, and San Pietro e Paolo (Saints Peter and Paul.) The Festa della Repubblica celebrates the day the monarchy was abolished, and Italy became a republic, on June 2, 1946. On June 2, Italians celebrate with a parade along the via dei Fori Imperiali. At the end of the parade, you will see a "tri-colore" flyover to celebrate this day – the acrobatic demonstration team of the Italian Aeronautica Militare who fly over in the colors of the Italian flag.

Another June holiday in Rome is San Pietro e Paolo, or Saints Peter and Paul, the patron saints of Rome, celebrated on June 29. This holiday is celebrated only here in Rome. Some things will be closed, and you may expect celebrations at some churches in Rome, in particular, St. Peter's Basilica (the Vatican). The area in front of St. Peter’s square is traditionally decorated with images made of petals, the so-called “Infiorata”. At 9pm there are the traditional fireworks on the Pincian Hill “La Girandola”. The fireworks can be admired very well from Piazza del Popolo.

From early June through early September, enjoy the annual outdoor festival, Roma Estate Lungotevere, along the banks of the Tiber River. You can eat, drink, listen to music, watch movies and shop along the river until late evening.

Until June 19, Rome's Roseto Rose Garden is open and it's a very special place to visit: in part for the beautiful roses, in part for the backdrop of the Palatine Hill, and in part for its history: it was once Rome's Jewish cemetery, and if you stand at the top of the garden, you can see that the shape of the walkways is a candelabra.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Bella Roma in June!

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