Returning Home

Authored by:
Rumi Y.

We were told during the last block of the program that returning home could have its difficulties. We discussed "reverse culture shock," which is when a person experiences culture shock when coming home as opposed to being introduced to a new culture in a new place.

Having been home for just over a week, I can say that I definitely miss being in Europe. I miss the friends that I made; I miss the markets I would frequent; I miss the discovery of a new cafe or shop waiting just around the corner. I even miss stumbling while trying to speak a new language. But most of all I am glad that I learned something every day of my time in this program.

I uncovered a deep love and curiosity for exploration in Europe and I fully intend to return one day. At home, I feel the shift in my perspective as my classes for this semester have started - I am so grateful for the opportunities afforded to me from my time in the program. They have provided me with a lot of inspiration in my work and within my creative self. I hope to continue to open myself up to new experiences in all areas of my life. I am moving into my future with newfound clarity. 

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