Quarantine Journey In KOREA

Authored by:
John G.

During this unprecedented, difficult time, I feel more than lucky to study abroad in Korea, a country where the covid-19 pandemic is well controlled and contract tracing is mass deployed.

By the time I arrived in Korea (Feb 2021), all incoming travelers from abroad need to self-quarantine for 14 days, to stop the spread of the virus. I completed my quarantine at Yonsei University's student dorm and I would give it a 10/10 rating for this interesting experience. Comparing with my other two experiences of quarantines in other countries, I was very impressed by the efficiency and the care provided during the whole process. 

From the flight to Korea to the last day of the quarantine, there are strict policies and procedures which made me feel safe and ensured. At the airport, there are forms to fill and a variety of questions to be asked. But I enjoyed fried chicken on the second day of the quarantine, while there are restaurants on campus providing food by order. The trash we produced in quarantine is also recycled differently. We also get two covid tests on the second and the last day. 

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