PSYched! A Concert to Remember~

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Millie R.

Millie R.

Let's Get Loco!

As I and a friend rode the train we noticed more and more blue shirts, accessories, and outfits surrounding us. We had become part of a blue ocean of people headed to see the legend of k-pop himself, PSY, in concert at the Olympic Stadium. Thousands of people gathered, even on a Sunday, especially after the previous day's performance when there was a surprise guest performance including Suga from BTS. Since his comeback and title track release of "That-That" PSY has once again conquered music charts. Luckily for me, I was able to snag a ticket and enjoy the experience live from the stands. After our journey to the venue, we ventured to our seats to find a free goodie bag with water, a raincoat, free masks, and a waterproof bag to hold all our important belongings. After securely tucking away precious electronic devices and putting on our coats (which didn't help much) we were ready for the party!

There were fireworks, light shows, and tons of water dumped on both floor ticket holders and those of us in the stands. I was soaked but it only helped the summer heat stay away. Even in the stands the crowd, filled with people of all ages, was jumping up and down, dancing together. Light sticks (which were conveniently waterproof and only 10,000 won) lit up the stadium as the night go darker. As if the headliner wasn't enough, during the Sunday performance, huge names came out to give guest performances including Sunmi, Jar Park, Simon Dominic, and Grey. The energy stayed super high through their performances and carried into the early morning hours.

It's Essential

Even if you aren't a huge K-pop fan it is totally worth it to see if you can attend a k-pop concert during your time in South Korea. Not only is the music totally exclusive to Korea and actively becoming a huge part of its history, but it's also just a glimpse into a carefree side of life you don't often see in their culture. It's a great time with friends or alone as the people around are usually very open to making friends or chatting with you. Being a part of the crowd, chanting for an encore (sometimes for the 8th time), and waving around a light stick, it's all a relief from the usual routine that you may find yourself falling into. Shake it up and get out of your comfort zone. 

Take Care of Yourself

Remember to bring lots of water and snacks if needed. Eat a good meal before going into the venue and be sure to secure any belongings that you bring with you. It's important to have a good time but also ensure that you won't get hurt anyway. Bring comfortable shoes and maybe a jacket if you know the concert goes into the night. If the concert ever overwhelms you or makes you uncomfortable it is okay to take a moment at the medical tent or leave early. (Especially if you are like me and my friend who had class in the morning and didn't want to be too sleep deprived.) Listen to your body to ensure you have the time of your life. 

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