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Did you know, of the 6,900 languages that exist around the world today, Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken? An estimated 1 billion people are native Mandarin speakers – amounting to 1 in 6 people on the earth today. Just one of the many reasons learning Chinese could be an asset to your future.

If you’re a beginning, intermediate, or advanced Chinese language speaker, bring your Mandarin studies to the CIEE Global Institute – Shanghai this spring and in just one semester, watch your skills advance at least two levels in all four Chinese language skills. This rapid language acquisition is possible only because you’ll be authentically immersed into the Shanghainese culture, living with either a local family or a Chinese student, and speaking only Chinese throughout the program.

CIEE’s Accelerated Chinese Language program takes place in Shanghai – an international port filled with record-breaking skyscrapers and Buddhist temples. When you’re not in class, you’ll be taking part in co-curricular activities throughout this world-famous metropolis – learning Chinese calligraphy, cooking, or martial arts. You’ll also take excursions to nearby traditional water towns lined with stone bridges, cobblestone lanes, and picturesque canals; touring museums; strolling the Bund; or taking the high-speed train to Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, or other famous and historical cities.

While this intensive program is open to students with no Mandarin language experience (and those with superior level proficiency), it is recommended that you have completed at least one semester of college-level Chinese area studies. In just one semester you get a strong foundation of Chinese language and a deep understanding of Chinese culture and history. The CIEE Global Institute – Shanghai is located on the Putuo campus of Each China Normal University (ECNU), known as the “Garden University” for its beautiful grounds by the Liwa River.

Scholarships are still available for spring ’20 and the deadline for application is November 1, 2019!

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