Portrait: The Self Studio in Seoul

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Sophie B.

Sophie B.

Dear Blog,

Lilly and I went to a self-studio today that we saw on TikTok. It looked fun, so we decided to try it. We got a taxi that was supposed to take 30 minutes but ended up taking two hours because our driver got lost. Once we arrived, we realized how and why the driver got lost. The studio is in a highly narrow alleyway, in an area with fewer tourists than all of the other places we have gone so far in Seoul. As soon as we got to the studio, we were greeted by such a sweet Korean man who explained to us through Google Translate how to work the cameras, pose, and take our photos. He brought us to a room with a complete studio set and gave us a handheld clicker that allowed us to snap our photos when we wanted. Then every time the camera and set captured our pictures, they popped up on a huge monitor that hung on the wall to show us what it looked like. We had 45 minutes to take photos, but he gave us 10 minutes extra because he really liked us. After our time was up, we were led to a different room with a huge Apple computer where we chose which photos we wanted to keep. Lilly and I both ended up just airdropping all of the images to our phones, making the picking process more straightforward. Lastly, it was explained that we were allowed to pick two photos that would be printed for us to keep as a physical copy. The guy printed them out for us and put them in a cute little packet to take home. Portrait was such an exciting, affordable (40,000 Won) experience and gave a nice professional touch to photos we wanted to take. I would 100% recommend groups of friends and lovers to go there and take photos together in an easy and memorable way!

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