Perfect place, perfect trip, perfect day!

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CIEE Yucatan

This time we visited San Crisanto, a beautiful place to go if you are in Merida Yucatan; Magic began on the road we had to take to get there; the track is full of different kinds of trees where are wildlife, and we were lucky to observe a little fox. Once we got there, we took a little boat to navigate through the mangroves, and it was fantastic; the water was so clear we could see the bottom of the river and the fishes swimming around the boat; by the way, one water snake crossed in front of us.
The track into the mangroves was fantastic; then we got to a cenote; it´s a perfect place to wear a snorkel and dive into the cenote and swim for a while; I can´t describe the peaceful feeling there. It was a fantastic trip, but this is not the end, because to take lunch we visited a fabulous beach club in Telchac, there we had the opportunity to taste different local dishes and, of course, enjoyed the beach swimming, eating, and resting. 
It was a Perfect Day!