A Peaceful Afternoon in Seoul Forest

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Nina L.

Nina L.

Although Seoul is full of wonderful parks, Seoul Forest just might be my favorite. It’s the third largest park in all of Seoul, and has lots to see. In fact, it’s made up of five parks– the Cultural Art Park, the Ecological Forest, the Nature Experience Study Field, the Wetlands Ecological Field, and the Han River Waterside Park. These days, however, the main draw is the beautiful orange and yellow leaves! If you make a trip, you’re sure to see tons of people taking both professional and amateur photos amongst the trees. 

When my friend and I visited the other day, we made sure to not miss out on these photo opps! We took pictures perched against the trees and even a few while throwing the leaves in the air. It was really fun, especially since nearly everyone else around us was doing the same thing. We got lots of inspiration just by looking at people nearby. 

Next, we decided to wander around and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. We didn’t have any specific destination within the park in mind, but we ended up finding lots of fun things! We came across lots of cute dogs, the deer area, and the park’s lovely lake. 

After this, we walked across a big bridge and made it to the Han River. It wasn’t too crowded, which made it perfect for a relaxing stroll. 

We took a few pictures and then fifigured it was time to get a snack. Luckily for us, we were only about a 10 minute bus ride away from our favorite smoothie bowl spot in Seoul– Hey Bowl! 

We enjoyed our acai bowls and drinks (a vanilla latte and hibiscus tea!) before going back to the dorm. 

Overall, It was a great, relaxing afternoon. I would highly recommend making the trip out to these fun spots! 

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