PC Bang and eSports Culture in South Korea

Authored by:
Emily C.

A lot of people would agree that South Korea is known for its big eSports and gaming culture. The love for video games has brought South Korea up to the 6th best gaming?? market in 2017. PC bangs, also known as computer/internet cafes, are a commodity found around each street corner. Despite their frequency,you can always expect there to be tons of people leveling up in Starcraft or battling against other teams in League of Legends. As well as playing video games, many players also indulge in watching streamers play their favourite games or even reviewing ones that have just come out. The eSports scene is so increasingly popular, that players on professional teams are admired just as strongly as other celebrities.

PC bangs in South Korea are always busy for a multitude of reasons. There are many possibilities and benefits of paying for a computer for a few hours versus playing in the comfort of one’sown home. First off, PC bangs always have the fastest internet, and both new and classic games. A PC bangs are also great places to try out the latest games on the market before purchasing them Many big games have benefits that players receive just for playing in a PC bang. These range from experience boosts to all characters being unlocked and free to play.

Furthermore,layers get to relax in an air-conditioned room and have food service brought right to their tables. Best of all, being in a PC bang allows players to use the highest tier of gaming equipment that costs over thousands of dollars, for only 1 USD or 1,000 KRW.

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