Open Campus in Buenos Aires

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Andres Piacentino

Andres Piacentino

The first Open Campus program concluded at CIEE Buenos Aires. This marks a tremendous milestone for the Global Institute and the staff that tirelessly dedicated their time to make the best experience possible for all students. This took place along many other activities, such as a semester-long Liberal Arts program, Faculty-led cohort visits and several previous Summer courses.

During these programs, students had the opportunity to visit fantastic locations such as Córdoba, Entre Ríos, Mendoza and Salta. Argentina is a large country where the natural landscape one can find across its 23 provinces differs significantly from the extremely active metropolis of Buenos Aires. Weekly cultural activities in the city abounded during this time, noting visits to Casa Rosada, Teatro Colón and Palacio Barolo as the most awe inspiring ones. There were also numerous fun oriented events that students had a chance to experience such as tango lessons at La Viruta, dancing to the rhythms of La Bomba de Tiempo, singing along the Bohemian Rhapsody movie or listening to The Beatles classic records in total darkness with high-fidelity holophonic speakers.

We are thrilled of having provided not only academic content but also extra-curricular life-changing experiences to more than 200 students during 2018. We are looking forward to another stimulating semester and invite everybody interested about studying in Buenos Aires to contact us.

You are welcomed to see by yourself this southern tip of the world. Argentina is waiting for you!

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