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John G.

Covid pandemic might stop you from traveling around the world, BUT living in Seoul does not stop you from tasting food from different countries and cultures!

In a nutshell, you will have a bite of the whole world here! But of course, traditional Korean Barbeque, Korean Yangnyeom fried chicken. My favorite Korean word, for now, is "무한리필" which means all you can eat. I work out a lot so I definitely need enough protein every day, and these 무한리필 all you can eat kbbq places are the right place to go! I also do enjoy the Korean-style fried chicken here! There are more choices than you can imagine from cheese flavor to butter garlic flavor. Chicken and Beer or Soda always match well!

Most importantly, you get to try food from all over the world. A 10-minute walk from our dorm, there is a Japanese ramen restaurant serving the most umami flavor tonkotsu ramen. There is also a good katsu place serving authentic Italian pasta if ramen is not a thing for you. In the well-known Sulbing dessert chain, there is the Italian style Tiramisu Sulbing with decent espresso coffee. Going to Itaewon, I had American-style pizza with so much cheese and pepperoni and found Dr. Peper (HOME AWAY FROM HOME!). If you are a Boba person, the good news is you are in the Boba tea paradise! You can find brown sugar-style drinks everywhere, and the famous brand Gong Cha has so many chains in Seoul. I could not stop grabbing a boba tea after dinner all the time. Seoul is such a diverse city with a rich dining culture. The number of choices and quality of the food always impresses me but also makes me indecisive. I can't wait to try more food here! 

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