Nami Island

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Patricia G.

Patricia G.

Nami Island is so beautiful!

If you’ve ever wanted to go to another country inside Korea, Nami Island is the place for you. Nami Island is also referred to as the NamiNara Republic. Nami being the name and Nara meaning country. They even have an immigration port!

The summer brings beautiful greenery to the island, take a stroll along with a thick stand of pine trees and redwoods. Nami Island, or 남이섬 (Namiseom), is a half-moon-shaped isle near Seoul. Many Kdramas are shot there with the most famous being “Winter Sonata”. Truly magical and unique, Nami Island declared its cultural independence from the Republic of Korea and called itself the Naminara Republic. One of the most special characteristics of this beautiful island is that it showcases artwork all around the island! You can see artwork from all over the world and also recycled soju bottles creatively implemented on the island. You can ride bicycles, couples or singles, or an electric scooter around the island. While I was there I rode the electric scooter. It was too hot for exercise that day! There are a lot of water activities to do while on and around Nami Island. I wish I would've brought swimwear to do all of the water activities! The only thing I was able to do was ride the motorboat around the island which was so nice and beautiful!

If you visit Korea, this is a place you need to visit. Especially, if you have a significant other it's soo romantic!

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