My Trip to Gapyeong!

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Taylor W.

This weekend some of the CIEE Seoulmates and CIEE students went on a trip to Gapyeong, famously known for being near Nami Island. Although we weren't able to go to Nami Island, we had a wonderful weekend exploring Gapyeong and sightseeing. Our trip started as we pulled up to a restaurant with one of the most famous dishes known in Gapyeong area, which is a chicken dish called dakgalbi. After we went to a water resort that housed leisure water activities. Honestly, I would say these were not as leisurely as I was expecting! We went on a lot of tube rides and the boat driver thought it was hilarious to tip us! Anyways, it was still fun to ride around and get super soaked by the boat driver! There was also a water obstacle course, which was impossible to not through without getting wet! Then there was a giant slide and a water trampoline to play on! It was really fun being able to de-stress and have some fun with Seoulmates and other CIEE students! After we got to our place for the night. The Seoulmates had picked up food and we sat outside near the mountains and grilled. It was so peaceful to be surrounded by nature after spending so much time in Seoul. After we sat around, ate snacks, and played some games before bed. 

The next day was raining, which meant we couldn’t go to Nami Island. Instead we ate the BEST beef bone soup I have ever had in my life. After we went to a cute coffee shop and waited for the rain to ease up. We split into two groups, one went ATV biking and the other group went rail biking. I was part of the rail biking group, which may not sound as exciting, but it was so fun and the view was absolutely beautiful! Even though it was sprinkling, we had a great time riding around and exploring.

Overall, I would say this was one of the best trips of my experience in South Korea. It was great to spend a weekend outside of Seoul and spend time with Korean students, as well as other exchange students in another area than the city. It is so important to travel around other parts of South Korea that aren't Seoul or Busan because it is so worth it to see South Korea’s beautiful countryside. If you can, I would suggest spending a weekend exploring nature in South Korea, I promise you won't be disappointed!