My Time in Gangneung

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Imti H.

Imti H.

Hello beautiful people!

I hope you are having an amazing day wherever you are in the world!

Today I am writing to you regarding my travels to Gangneung that I took in early April. 


Gangneung is located in the Western part of Korea. The area is known for its beaches and shrines!

But, one of the reasons why I had traveled there was due to Korean pop culture.


Gangneung was a filming spot for the famous drama Goblin

The sign for the Goblin site


As a fan of the drama, of course, I had to make the trip there. I stood on the very rocks where the two main actors had filmed years ago:

The leads of Golbin in Gangneung
A picture of me at the very site

The town preserves this location as it was a special place within the drama. Most tourists like myself visit the area to see this beautiful site. Nearby the beach, there are other Goblin-themed cafes and restaurants for you to indulge in.


I also had the great pleasure of visiting another beach which was 25 minutes away by taxi from the Goblin site. This site was a famous album cover for the boy group BTS. This was in their You Never Walk Alone album that was released back in 2017

You Never Walk Alone album cover
BTS at the famous bus stop site


My friends and I at the very site

This was a beautiful area, I totally want to return again soon!! Make sure to put this town on your to-visit list!! Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day :)

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